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Looking for Dental Crowns?

Your dentist will discuss types of crowns and will recommend the best options for your situation. You will be able to compare pros and cons of each type and reach overall consensus about which crown to choose.

"To get dental crowns attached to your teeth it usually takes two visits. At your first appointment, your dentist will fully examine your teeth and mouth to see if the crown can support the tooth. After that, he will prepare it for the crown. If the tooth is too volatile, Dr. Jeevan may need to fill it in to make it large enough for the crown to fit the tooth."

When tooth damage or decay has become more extensive, to the point that it has seriously damaged your tooth or has caused tooth loss, our experienced dentist in Irvine may suggest a dental crown or dental bridge in order to restore your smile.The procedure becomes necessary for several reasons: your tooth is very weak, extremely damaged or there are other cosmetic reasons.

Crowns are beautiful, natural-looking restorations. They form a protective cap over a damaged tooth and prevent further damage that may result in tooth loss. Crowns are used to restore teeth that have too much damage to be repaired with simple fillings. This may be a result of cracks, decay, broken areas, or very large fillings. Made of porcelain, crowns also improve the natural aesthetic of your smile.

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