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Need Dental Implants?

Before the procedure, there will be an examination which will provide Dr. Jeevan with vital information about your teeth, tissues, and bone structure. The doctor will evaluate your mouth, and your bone, it’s quality, density, and check to see if there is any bone loss. The evaluation will be performed via a 3D CT scan. Also, it may be necessary to take impressions of your teeth to make models, so that the doctor can be able to create a perfect a therapeutic strategy for your individual case. Also, you may require additional procedures to reach the most desirable and aesthetic result. If your bone has lost a lot of tissue, Dr. Jeevan may suggest possible bone grafting procedures in order to increase the size and amount of bone.

"Don’t fret over missing teeth any longer; visit Dr. Jeevan DDS, today to get a dental implant and let us give you the smile you deserve! If you are considering dental implants feel free to call us if you have questions, or if you want to schedule an appointment: (949) 552-1380."

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that replaces a missing tooth. A bridge or an artificial tooth stabilizes on this root. If you have lost a tooth due to periodontal disease, injury or another reason then a dental implant can help fill the empty space in your mouth. Make an appointment at Dr. Jeevan DDS dental office in the city of Irvine today to consult with a most qualified dental professional and get the best care possible.

Getting a dental implant can be invasive. It requires a good bone structure for the implants to hold. It also ensures patients’ excellent oral and general health. A dental implant procedure requires input from you, your dentist and your periodontist. You will be prescribed a treatment plan after a detailed consultation and examination. Your individual case and history will be important to Dr. Jeevan. Since dental implants need ample bone to be successful, in some cases, a sinus augmentation or a ridge modification may correct the defect so that you have sufficient bone mass for the procedure.

In some cases, patients lose their teeth because of illness, wear or injury. Tooth loss affects more than just your mouth. It it can adversely affect your self-worth, physical appearance, and quality of life. You can regain all of that just by getting dental implants! It not only rebuilds your your confidence, it also helps to prevent bone loss in the missing tooth’s place. This makes implants a better choice than dentures or fixed bridges. All in all, dental implants are the best choice for your self-confidence, well-being, overall health and quality of life!

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